Rodney Nelson on Monsanto

The Issue…The Nelsons are a family of farmers in North Dakota, being sued by the St. Louis based, Biotechnology giant, Monsanto. Monsanto claims the Nelsons have used their RoundUp Ready® product without permission……Full Story”Even if you don’t have a contract, you can’t be protected from their tactics.”

Rodney Nelson on Monsanto.

Board Ruling

There has been no resolution of issues as a result of this arbitration hearing. Monsanto failed to participate in the hearing without good cause. However, Nelson Farm still wished to participate….. Full Story

They’re Not Alone

A Canadian farmer, fights the same battle that the Nelsons are fighting also. Percy Schmeiser has been to trial with Monsanto…. Full Story


The True Price of Monsanto-Dictated “Agricultural Productivity” and Seed Genomics….Full Story

USDA Report Says

Segregating biotech crops could cost billions, take years….Full Story

ACGA Warns Farmers

Congress should investigate drop in corn exports; warns GMO policy threatens farmers….Full Story

Does It Make Sense?

Corn Growers Challenge Logic of Promoting Biotechnology in Foreign Markets……Full Story

Monsanto Pursues


With questionable evidence and a negative ruling from the ND Seed Board, Monsanto continues its strong-arm tactics against Nelson Farm…..Full Story


Dear Sir or Madam,

You are hereby notified that Monsanto Company does not authorize Greg, Roger, Rodney Nelson Farms Enterprises (“Nelsons”), or any entity in which the Nelsons have any interest or participates in any way, to possess, make, use or transfer any product containing Monsanto’s patented biotechnology, (including and commercially available seed containing Monsanto’s patented traits) such as Roundup…..Read the Letters

May 7th, 2001

Roger Nelson is preparing the seed bed for his wheat as his lawyer prepares to fight a seed battle in court…..Full Story

Did You Know?

Monsanto lobbyists succeeded in convincing key North Dakota politicians to kill a bill that would have placed a moratorium on growing GMO wheat in North Dakota even though these same politicians knew Monsanto’s GMO wheat would devastate our export markets….Full Story

Monsanto’s Big Lie Exposed

by Dr. Charles Benbrook

Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Soybeans, the most prevalent GE crop, use 2-5 times more herbicides than non-GE soybean varieties.

For those unfamiliar with the basics of soybean herbicides and the impacts of GMO/RR (Roundup Ready) soybeans on use rates, the simple facts

are these…… Full Story

All Seed Contaminated

It is not possible for a soybean farmer to buy soybean seed that is not contaminated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs)…..Full Story

Roger Nelson, grew up on a farm and went out on his own to begin share-renting farmland in 1961…Full Story

Help Is Needed

Please help the Nelsons with their legal bills in the fight with Monsanto. The fight is not only for themselves, but for the benefit of all farmers worldwide.

Send a check or Money order to:

Nelson’s Fight Monsanto Fund

First State Bank of North Dakota

P.O. Box 98

Arthur, ND 58006

The funds received by the Nelsons are considered gifts. As gifts, the payments are considered nondeductible. If you have any questions, please consult your tax advisor.

House Bill 1975

Dear Governor,

My name is Rodney Nelson, I farm nearly 9000 acres in North Dakota…….Full Story

Taking Up Our Cause

Others, including professors and the ND Agriculture Commissioner, have read of Monsanto’s actions and are asking why.  Read their letters

Robert Schubert, editor

February 16, 2001

After a few seasons growing Roundup Ready soybeans, the Nelson family isn’t impressed…Full StoryIt Needs To End

Time after time, article after article has called for an end to Monsanto’s pursuit of Nelson Farm, yet Monsanto persists…..Full Story”We knew all along we hadn’t done anything wrong.”

Roger Nelson

Monsanto’s Tactics

Monsanto threatens farmers everywhere with letters demanding money and silence….Read a Copy of One Such Letter

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