Information NELSON vs. MONSANTO

Rodney writes letter to Governor of Indiana supporting pending legislation in that state that would protect farmers from overzealous biotech companies.

Dear Governor,

My name is Rodney Nelson. I farm nearly 9000 acres in North Dakota. Although I am not a resident of your state I would like to urge you to support house bill 1975 in you legislature. I have been falsely accused by Monsanto of saving soybean seed and replanting it. Segregation of GMO from non GMO has proven to be impossible. I feel the patent of a plant that cannot be controlled on our farms is insane. Bill 1975 is the only way to protect farmers. Monsanto is suing us for the entire gross value of the crop, their attorney fees, all their costs related to the suit, punitive damages times three, and I assure you we never saved any seed. Mine and my families lives have been turned into a living hell since the began. Please don't let any one in your state go through this. If you pass this maybe our federal government will get the message.


Rodney Nelson & Family


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