Monsanto’s Big Lie Exposed

Monsanto’s Big Lie Exposed: Roundup Ready Soybeans Use 2-5 Times More Herbicides Than Non-GE Varieties by Dr. Charles Benbrook For those unfamiliar with the basics of soybean herbicides and the impacts of GMO/RR (Roundup Ready) soybeans on use rates, the simple facts are these. In the early to mid-1980s, most soybean herbicides were applied in combinations,… Continue reading Monsanto’s Big Lie Exposed

Monsanto takes gloves off in legal fight with Nelsons

In his 37-year career, Fargo, ND attorney Mark Fraase says he has never witnessed such bare-knuckle legal brawling as is being practiced by Monsanto Co. against his farming clients, the Nelson family of Amenia, ND. Fraase has a theory on Monsanto’s tough strategy: “the Nelsons feel Monsanto has singled them out as an example so… Continue reading Monsanto takes gloves off in legal fight with Nelsons

Rodney Nelson on Monsanto

The Issue…The Nelsons are a family of farmers in North Dakota, being sued by the St. Louis based, Biotechnology giant, Monsanto. Monsanto claims the Nelsons have used their RoundUp Ready® product without permission……Full Story”Even if you don’t have a contract, you can’t be protected from their tactics.” Rodney Nelson on Monsanto. Board Ruling There has… Continue reading Rodney Nelson on Monsanto

Monsanto Still Suing Nelsons, Other Growers

CropChoice NewsMonsanto continues its lawsuit against a North Dakota family farm, despite an independent body’s ruling that it found no evidence of wrongdoing. Roger, Rodney and Greg Nelson grow soybeans, wheat and sugar beets on 8,000 acres outside of Amenia, ND, in the Red River Valley. (See February story about Nelson case) “They (Monsanto) haven’t got… Continue reading Monsanto Still Suing Nelsons, Other Growers